Cryorig H7 + FX 8350 Overclock

Hello, I have a FX - 8350 with a Cryorig H7 heatsink. I want to overclock this CPU however i'm unsure how high i should overclock it. I have a gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P as my motherboard and my air flow i would say is moderate. If someone could suggest me a good way to do this it would be much appreciated.
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    Get Core Temp/Speccy AND HWMonitor and as long as your temps are below 60 for the CPU and Core, go as far as you can . I stopped at 4.6 because the gain wasn't enough from 4.6 to 4.8
  2. use AMDoverdriver to find out how high it will go with out crashing.
    it will outtune it for you but should beable to reach 4.8-5 eazy with that cooler. it is basicly like a mini AIO water cooler so you shouldnt have to worry about temps to much.
    when it reches the limit say 4.7 or so. add voltage and watch temps you should be able to push it alittle more. like i said 4.8-5 ghz.
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