i have i3, gigabyte mother board and installed 2 ram's 8gb+4gb=12 gb. but my computer not fast...photoshop speed like use only

win 7 proffesional 64 bit
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  1. Yogesh_9 said:
    win 7 proffesional 64 bit
    Not only the ram for photoshop a i3 is good for it, but i5 starts to get faster,
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    You really would experience better results with a I5 OR I7 you see the I3 is on the lowest Tier of the intel I chips then I 5 then I 7
  3. Needs room and a fast engine. So you got room, now get faster engine.
  4. On top of what has already been mentioned, your ram is running in single channel mode due to the mismatched sticks.
  5. i3 for photoshop... really bro, even an amd solution would have been better.
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