Virtualization software to run older games (Windows 98se, Mechwarrior 3)

I have a modern Windows 7 64 pro computer and have some old games from the Windows 98 era. On my last computer (also running Windows 64 pro), I found that the compatibility mode option was pretty good (even better than XP, for some reason), but MechWarrior 3 would still crash (and have some physics issues since my hardware was so fast). Last night, I installed Virtualbox and then installed Windows 98se from an install disk.
After that, I downloaded the unofficial Windows 98se service pack 3 and SciTech Display Doctor 7 (to fix the underwhelming Virtualbox vga driver). Due to the limitations of the Virtualbox graphics for such an old operating system, the game does not run well and does not allow for full graphics options since Virtualbox does not emulate a real card.
Question Time: Is there a program that can either emulate an old graphics card that I can use with Virtualbox OR is VMware better for what I am trying to do?

I have other old games too, but MechWarrior 3 is an old favorite and the one I use to test compatibility.

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  1. I never had graphics problems with Virtual Box. The thing I could never get right was the Sound.
  2. JQB45 said:
    I never had graphics problems with Virtual Box. The thing I could never get right was the Sound.

    Sorry that I did not get back to you. I never received a notification that someone had responded! Anyhoo, according to some reading that I have done, it looks like Virtual box does not play well with operating systems older than XP (I'm not sure about 2000). With XP, I might get a usable graphics situation, so I will try that as soon as the XP install disk arrives. I used to have one, but it seems to be lost. If it works well for some XP era games, I may convert my old XP computer to a 98 machine. I will start a different thread about that.


    If you or anyone else has something to add to this about running programs that are both too old yet not old enough, feel free to say so!
  3. I've used Win3.11 and Windows 2000 on it. I never tried 95/98
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