Swapped my motherboard, CPU, and Case. My PC wont boot now.

Earlier today I swapped my motherboard, CPU, and Case. Now my pc wont turn on or give any indication of turning on, no fans spinning, or LEDS.

When i hold the on button a blue LED flashes around 10 times and then stops (MSI Z97S Krait)
I have tried booting with one stick of ram, (Tried both of my 8gb Sticks in different slots) and i've taken out the bios battery and reset the CMOS i think.
I am also fairly sure that my PSU is working as i used to prior in my old case with my old things and it was fine.

This is my "First" PC build and would very much like help c=

Pc specs are:
120gb SSD with OS
3tb HDD with some games
i7 4970k (New)
MSI Z97S Krait Motherboard (New)
500W EVGA Power supply
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  1. Try testing the power supply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FWXgQSokF4
    See if a fan connected to it does spin.
    If it does, try leaving only the 24 pin power cable and a case fan connected to the motherboard. Start the board and see if the fan is spinning.
  2. With only the fan connected to the power supply it works fine. I am curious if it may be an extender that i am using for the 20 + 4 Pin to a single 24pin as when i connect the motherboard with just that it stops working?
  3. It might be. Try testing the system without the extender.
  4. So i've stopped using the extender (turns on and things spin), then started adding more bits GPU SSD, HDD, everything works fine except when i add the CPU on
  5. After adding the CPU and CPU cooler, connect the 8 pin power cable too.
  6. The CPU Is installed with the CPU Cooler, Everything works until the CPU power is connected..
  7. Try testing the board outside the case, for ruling out a short.
  8. Could it be that the bios of the moba can't handle devil's canyon? The 4790k is a refresh model so you might need to update your bios. Find out what version is on the board by looking at the box, and look up if that bios version is compatible for the 4790k.
  9. For some reason, I see more Z97s Kraits DOA than most other Z97 motherboards. It might be a DOA motherboard. Or you got the 1 in 100,000 DOA CPU.

    The Z97S Krait should ship with the right bios for haswell refresh.
  10. amtseung is probably right. I'm just saying to double check the bios.
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