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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new laptop now. In the UK with a budget of around £1000 (can increase for a good reason) and need it pretty quick since I do a lot of my work on my computer (my current one has broken).

Found these on Ebuyer they seem to be pretty well priced but I haven't heard of the brand before. Has anyone had any experience with it?

I am currently looking at these two laptops I'm not sure if the better graphics card is worth the price though. I will be doing some gaming on my laptop probably going to get Witcher 3 sometime. Will the cheaper one run this smoothly or is the more expensive graphics card worth it?

Any help and other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    I hadn't heard of them either so I did a little research. They claim they are the 4th largest desktop brand in the UK and have been around twenty years. It appears to me that they are a custom PC builder like Origin, CyberPower, etc. I would be willing to bet their laptops are based on Clevo chassis and are therefore pretty decent units. The price and specs seem very reasonable. You might compare these to other laptops from Sager and ExoticPC.
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