Issues while overclocking my i5 6600k and G.Skill TridentZ ddr4 to 3200mhz simultaneously

Hey guys! :)

I recently built my first gaming/editing desktop.

CPU: i5 6600k @3.5ghz
GPU: Zotac 750Ti (had it laying around so I'm using it until the new series of Nvidia cards release hopefully in Q2 2016 rather than buying a 900 series)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i Gtx
PSU: Corsair CX750m
MOBO: MSI Z170a Gaming Pro
RAM: G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 (2x8) @3200Mhz
Case: NZXT Noctis 450

Anyway, here's my issue: I want to run the mobo in XMP mode so that I can have my RAM running at 3200mhz rather than 2133 in non-XMP mode. However, today I was trying to get my 6600k running at 4.5 Ghz by changing the clock frequency to 45 and I was able to get that running stably, but when i tried to put in in XMP mode to get the ram overclocked to 3200mhz the computer wouldn't boot and forced me to go back to old settings. At this point it seems that I have to choose between one or the other and I really don't want one of them to be slower than it has to be. If someone knows a method of overclocking both of them simultaneously, please let me know! Thanks alot!
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  1. If you cannot get the RAM stable at XMP settings, you need to adjust VCCIO and VCCSA (System Agent) upwards. Those voltages relate to RAM overclocking. Try steps of 0.05v at a time and test for stability each step.

    ASUS recommends a maximum of 1.30v for System Agent and 1.25v for VCCIO. I would assume that MSI would agree with keeping those voltages below those numbers.
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    Also make sure your vcore voltage is not set to Auto. This allows your system to fluctuate your voltage to adapt to your overclock. You need to manually set a maximum voltage so that the system doesnt overvolt when its not necessary. I have my 6700k running @4.5 with a stock voltage and XMP enabled for my Gskill Ripjaws DDR4-3000.
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