Is it a virus? PC doesnt turn on and cannot boot windows.

Last night I've downloaded a film which then told me to instal the newest dvix and I did so but while the dvix was installing a lot of other programes just started installing in the background in seconds so I've cancelled the instalation and tried delete all the programes that been installed. I couldn't get rid of 'shopper pro' so I've downloaded SpyHunter 4 which scanned 300 threats on my computer but it didn't delete them because I didnt have a license on it. I downloaded a cracked edition of spyhunter 4 after that and run it but this one didnt detect any threats after that I've restarted the computer after the BIOS enterance screen those screens come up:

imgur com/a/8Lcjh - add the dot

I thought I'll just re-boot windows because I haven't done it in a while but when I choose my USB to boot from it goes to those screens above aswell. I don't know if its a virus or maybe just some deep programing stuff so I'd want to know if there is a way of maybe reseting whole computer and installing everything from begining or maybe if theres a way of just running it without losing any data on it.
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  1. You got infected! too good to be true usually is download bitdefender and Malwarebytes and scan.
  2. do a clean install, learn a lesson and don't be a retard with downloads. else do yourself a favour and stick to consoles so you can't hurt yourself
  3. okay how do I do a clean instal when as soon as I click device to boot from it goes back to them screens?
  4. If possible, have Bitdefender installed and up-to-date on a different PC, take the drive(s) from your infected PC and install them in that other PC, boot, run full scans, put drives back in the original PC
  5. Is there a way of doing that on a laptop?
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    Pablix360 said:
    Is there a way of doing that on a laptop?

    If you have a drive caddy or external housing that you can connect ot a USB or other slot on your laptop then you can do it
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