AMD Athlon II x4 620 MAX SAFE VOLTAGE 24/7


I am currently in the process of overclocking my CPU, so far I've got 3.1 Ghz stable on stock voltages but I would like to go even higher. I've been tinkering around with the BIOS and to be honest, 1.4v already seems a little too high for me for it to be stock, so I'm curious, how high can I turn up the voltage safely without hurting the CPU or anything? This computer is going to be a small home server (I know, you shouldn't overclock it for server use or whatever, but it's gonna be for Plex Media Server and I need enough horsepower to transcode videos) so it will be running 24/7

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  2. Mine is only 1.275v, but it's the deneb version with the 6mb of L3 unlocked. I've gotten it to 3.1 but when I turn down the ram and ht link speed and try to go higher I get an error on prime torture test. Other things run fine but I like to pass every test. I came across your question, I'm looking for the safe voltage range too. ...
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