What Should/can i upgrade in my gaming pc

I want to upgrade my gaming performance. I know i need to upgrade my gpu, im just not sure what is compatible(im talking about size) with my case/motherboard. Im worried that modern GPUs are to big for my pc. suggestions for GPUs would be great.

My specs are
GPU: AMD R5 200 series
CPU:AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor (3.8 ghz)
RAM: 12gb
OS: windows 10
hard drive: 1tb and 758gb free
Mother board:GA-78LMT-USB3
Case size: H:17 in W:7.5 in L:18.2 in

Please help me out asap i really appreciate it thanks.
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  1. No matter what GPU you get your CPU will be a big bottleneck, this basically means its like a bottle of drink. When you tip it upside down it doesn't matter how much water is behind it the bottle neck will slow it down, get a bigger bottle neck and it will allow more water through, that's the analogy.

    You wont see a big difference with a new GPU unless you upgrade your CPU also.
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    Don't listen to that guy.

    You need to determine what your power supply can handle --- that will 'drive' your video card decision.

    You should determine the working size available to you by measuring the clear space along your motherboard's PCIe x16 slot.
  3. I have a friend that went from a GTX 950 to a GTX 970 and saw little difference with a FX-4100 (very similar CPU) that is where my opinion comes from.
  4. The base clock of the FX-4300 Piledriver is as fast as the Turbo of the FX-4100 Bulldozer

    :lol: GTX 970?
    Yeah. I got friends, too . . . and they have amazing non-applicable anecdotes . . . . too. You think there may be other video cards available between a R7 250 and a GTX 970?

    The OP can handle an R9 380 ---- if his PSU has the power and his case has the space
  5. Thanks alot guys
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