Is my CPU cooler adequate for overclocking i7-930 to 3.5ghz?

I have i7-930 processor along with a Cool Master T4 CPU cooler. Is that a good enough cooler to OC somewhere in the range of 3.4-3.6 GHz? And if so, will it give my processor a much higher risk of failing? I will list the other specifications of computer below in case there are other things necessary that I do not have. The reason I feel the need to overclock is due to the low frame rates on modded Minecraft and sudden freezes in games that take very little graphics power. I have also thought it may just be border line incompatible parts but am not sure.

CPU: i7-930 (2.8ghz)
RAM: 10 GB Corsair DDR3 (2GBx3, 4GBx1)
Motherboard: Asus P6T WS Pro
GPU: Sapphire DUAL-X Radeon HD 6970 2GB GDDR5
PSU: EVGA NEX650G 650Watt
CPU Cooler: Cool MAster T4

Thanks in advance for any input,
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  1. Most i7-920 D0 or i7-930 chips do 3.5ghz on stock volts or less. You really shouldn't have any problem pushing your chip to 3.5ghz. The T4 should be fine for those clocks.
  2. And it will not have a high effect on the life time of my system? And my power supply has enough wattage?
    just making sure, thanks.
  3. I've had an i7-920 OCed 24/7 to 3.5ghz since 2009. It still runs perfect. I've been OCing my CPUs since around 2001 and never had a problem. I only use quality motherboards that are designed for overclocking and good coolers. Your mobo is excellent and as long as that T4 keeps the CPU cool enough (it should be fine with 3.5ghz as long as the voltage needed to get there isn't too high), you shouldn't have any problems OCing. Like I said, with most i7-930 chips, 3.5ghz is achievable with stock voltage (somewhere around 1.2 volts). Every chip is a little different so your results may vary. And the PSU should be fine with that setup even with a CPU OC.
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    Also Matt - Make sure you read several guides that are specific to OCing the i7-9xx line of CPUs before you start changing settings. Your CPU has a locked multiplier which means you'll be OCing by upping the BCLK (baseclock). This can be a bit confusing but if you take the time to learn then the principles will apply to future systems as well. Here's a couple guides that I bookmarked awhile ago:

    (It says i7-920 but its the same fundamental process for your i7-930):

    Also relevant:
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