Where does this wire go?

This is my first build. I have a nzxt phantom, Msi z97 gaming 5 mobo, and a evga b2 750watt PSU. I have the 4-pin molex for the fan control. I have looked everywhere in computer, the manuals, the Internet. I do not know where it has to be connected at. Any help. Here is a link for a picture.
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  1. Molex power for a fan?
  2. But where and what does it connect to?
  3. Not sure with the Phantom as it's been a long time since I have seen one. But a case Molex connector could be for:

    Pan PCB

    The Phantom has a 3-step fan control thingie and if I had to guess, I'd say it powers that.
  4. Built-in fan controller.
    Cable overview ^
  5. I found that forum when I was looking but I still don't know where/what it needs to connect to.
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  7. Sid2125 said:
    But where and what does it connect to?

    As I said above, my expectation is that it powers the case's built in fan controller. Like everything else in your system, it gets it's power from your PSU. If your PSU has no Molex connectors, then you will need a molex => SATA adapter cable.
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