My old school LaCie external hard drive isn't working right. Please help!!

6 years ago to this day; I had an external hard drive bite the dust. I was devistasted as it has all of my children's photos on it. I held on to it and over the past few weeks, it's really been eating at me to try to recover the data. I found myself on this site. I bought a SATA hard drive reader ($35.99); just to learn that my hard drive is an IDE..., back to the drawing board, I bought an IDE reader; it would power up but wasn't recognized on my PC. I decided I'd go further with it and bought a T6 screwdriver and took the hard drive apart to see if the head was stuck over the platter.. Nope. So, while open, I plugged it in bc I wanted to see if the motor was running.... The platter spins, the head moves back and forth over the head; I can hear it trying to power up, making an excelerated noise, like when you take your foot on and off the gas pedal; Revving up the engine....

There is an amber to yellow light that flashes and clicks.
It's spinning, it's trying to power up, but it doesn't.

Here is the bad news; the platter, looks like it has rings around it, I don't know if this is damage from the head or date rings. Also, the filter is almost black. I really wish I could fix this on my own. I don't have $1,000 to send it off. I've invested over $50 just to TRY fixing it myself.
I guess it's a good thing I've come to terms with the fact that my chances of recovery are about 1%, but something in me isn't ready to give up. Can anyone offer up some advice?

Again; I've tried different usb ports on the computer; I've tried running a reader with a plug in adapter with more power; I need advice. Thanks!

It's a LaCie Blue Lego (purchased back in 2005 or 2006.)
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    My advice has come too late for you - - - you should not have entrusted your precious files to just one drive - how foolhardy that was!

    I have to admit that I feel your pain, I too lost a bunch of photos due to my negligence in not keeping backups.
    Now, with four external hard drives, I'm making quite sure it doesn't happen again.

    I think your flogging a dead horse trying to do anything with that LaCie.
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