Dell optiplex 755 DT graphics card for HDMI TV

We have a Dell optiplex 755 DT (it's the biggest 755) and would like to upgrade to a graphics card with HDMI output instead of the VGA. This is for TV out at 1080 HD and you-tubey stuff with chrome. We don't play games on it. We have Fedora-22 Linux with MythTV.

I'd prefer a card without a fan.

Main thing I'm a bit worried about is the amount of space available in the box.

I'm thinking about a low-profile ATI 5450 or GT210 card - but are they too horribly old?

Anyone know about the audio - does the graphics card pump audio through hdmi?
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  1. Oh well - I went out and got a Gigabyte GeForce 210 for A$38 brand new which _appears_ to have the features I need. Let's see how I go ...
  2. Yup - worked a treat after installing the drivers and setting up MythTV to use the hdmi for sound and VDPAU (under setup->video).

    Sharp, smooth picture. Well pleased. Now I can upgrade to TV from a 5-yo 46" Sony Bravia to to a modern 65" thunk!!
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