Reinstalled Windows 8.1 > 10 on main SSD, Windows not seeing three other drives, BIOS does.

The quick and dirty.
250G SSD (C:) reinstalled windows on this drive, using windows 8 disc. Had to unplug all other drives to get around the "windows could not install to this partition" 8x00034987598blah blah.

Now, I have the system up and running and just reconnected the other disks. They are showing up in the BIOS just fine. They do not show up in device manager (unless the "hidden" option is ticked, then two mysterious "generic volumes" show up down the list but I cannot really interface with them in any way) or in disk management.

The two "generic volume" entries are two grey, two solid, which seems to be the drives, and their recovery partitions.

I'm stuck, cant get DISKPART or anything to list anything at all.
Any ideas, anyone? I'd love to have my data back, not sure why these can't just be plugged in and initialized again. :(
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  2. Ceotase said:

    Thanks! Turned out I just forgot to enable "hot plug" or swap in BIOS. Seemed to take care of it, thanks for the redirect to that thread, was actually one of the first I found for the installation issue earlier.

    Have a great day.
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