Replaced MOBO, CPU, RAM and Power Supply ~ Computer still won't turn on unless power supply is hard switched.

Hello again,

2nd post here....

Link to my first post:

Anyways, I thought I had solved the problem by installing a new power supply, but a few hours after my final update on my first post, the computer shut off on me again.

Since then, the only way for the computer to get turned back on is when I hard switch the power supply, and the computer would come on for 2-3 seconds before turning back off again.

Hence, I replaced the Motherboard, CPU, RAM last night, and it's still doing the same thing again.

The computer won't power on unless I hard switch the power supply, and then it shuts off 2-3 seconds later.

The funny thing is the computer turned on and off by itself (4x) this morning, so I figured it was its way of wanting to power up again.


Any ideas on what I can do?
I'm extremely frustrated with this. Any help would be appreciated.

Updated computer specs:
EVGA Supernova G2 750W 80+ Gold
Sapphire AMD Radeon 6970
Intel 320 Series 120 GB SSD
Western Digital 1TB 7200 RPM
Intel I5-6500 CPU
Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4
Azza HURRICAN 2000 Full Tower Computer Case
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  1. Only thing which is still same is hdd ssd and gpu, Your cpu has an integrated gpu, try removing the 6970 and see how it goes. If it still has the same problem, then first hdd then ssd, but seesm really strange...
  2. Best answer
    disconnect all drives from motherboard & psu. remove videocard & 1 stick of ram. reseat all power cables to motherboard & psu if modular.
  3. I highly doubt its the gpu but this is a very old card for such a new system. I would disconnect all cables except the C drive and the main gpu and see if it is able to power up maybe a power issue. I think its the main drive.
  4. motherboard has onboard video & don't need the c:drive to post.
  5. ffg7 said:
    motherboard has onboard video & don't need the c:drive to post.

    I know that
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I found my problem by doing disconnecting everything and connecting pieces one by one, and turning on by using a flat head screwdriver. Apparently, that was my exact problem. The Power SW cable is somehow defective, and that's the cause of the whole thing.

    Thankfully the Reset SW works and that is what I will use until I upgrade the case eventually.
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