motherboard guide asrock vs asus vs gigabyte vs msi

hey guys am confused in selecting a motherboard for my build, i have selected a i7 4790k with r9 390 and 16gb ram...
here are a list of motherbord i have seen
MSI Z97 GAMING 3 vs Asrock Z97 Extreme3 32GB vs Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H 32GB vs Asus Z97-K 32GB..
so guys what do i go with??
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  1. Motherboards are like religion. Once you find one that meets your needs, you stick with it.
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    All of those motherboards are a teeny bit light for me to run that CPU on if you plan a robust overclock.

    Each manufacturer, like car manufacturers, makes a range of products to hit various market niches. Everybody makes a great 'luxury' product and you aren't looking there anyway.

    At the cheapest end of the market, in my opinion, MSI's boards, while featureful, are too light and cheaply made for a powerful gaming system, and ASUS is solid but tends to be expensive. Gigabyte and ASRock make good boards there with differing balances of features, price, and 'solidity'.

    You are looking at the bottom of the middle where my advice from above continues to apply. Where are you and what is your budget, I might be able to suggest something better. I'm guessing that if those are your alternatives, that you are outside the USA because of the price differences there. (D3H is $190, unless you mean the Z97M version, and the Extreme 3 is $106)
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