How do I wipe my hard-drive?

I have a Samsung SSD (custom build PC) and I want to factory reset my PC by wiping my hard-drive. Why? I used the media creation tool to factory reset once, and it made some "Windows.old" and "ESD" folders that I cannot delete. Recently the problems that I've been having before I reset using the media creation tool are starting to come back (YouTube not buffering for NO reason at all! General internet lag. Disconnecting from valve VAC servers. etc. etc.).

How do I wipe my SSD so I can do a clean install of Windows 10?

Note: I have a Windows 8.1 CD/DVD that I used to first install this. If I install Windows using that do I have to download Windows 8.1 THEN update to Windows 10? Or is there a method where I can go strait to Windows 10?
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    windows.old is only from upgrading to windows 10. as its named, it is the old files for your previous operating system in case you need to go backwards. they are removable with windows "disk cleanup" with the "clean up system files" option on the lower part of the panel.

    also, you can do a clean install called a "refresh" without any time consuming steps. a reset will install a fresh copy of windows 10 and remove any user created files, programs and settings.

    scroll down to "Reset your PC" for instructions on microsoft's website.
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