Can't overclock GPU, Nvidia kernel driver crashes

Hello, i bought myself a G1 GTX 970 a month ago. So, i had a silverstone sp-ss 500W PSU and i was aware that i wouldn't be able to overclock it. But for the sake i tried to overclock it and when i played for example CS:GO the screen would just turn black or some other random color and i'd have to force reset my computer. So i went and bought a new PSU, i got the Fractal Design Integra M 750W, which is a bit of overkill but i want to be fairly future safe. Anyways i overclocked it to about 160+ core clock and 250+ memory clock. I didn't get any artifacts and the games ran very well untill it would just crash and this message appears: "Nvidia kernel mode driver has stopped responding and has recovered". So i thought, i'll just crank down the overclock settings so i went to core clock 150+ and memory 200+, people said this is a stable overclock that should work well. But the same thing happen again, nvidia kernel driver crashes again. So i went to regedit and added some kind of value which was supposed to fix this crash. But no.. Same shit again. So i went down to 50+, 50+, and now it works. But any ideas why i cant overclock higher?

Regards, Ben.
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    Every game is different, and every driver is different. One clock will not work for everything. Any time anything changes, so will your overclocks. Some games are just a lot more picky when it comes to staying stable with overclocked GPUs. Could try adding a little bit of voltage to your overclock, and increase the power target limit up to max, and see if it helps, but.....really, sounds pretty normal to me.
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