Why did buying a SSHD give me more free space on my hard drive?

Hi, I am a novice and a budget builder but I realized before I bought my sshd, I had a 7200.11 1TB spinny drive. It worked fine, but I wanted to try the other technology, of course full solid state was just so expensive right now I went for the budget and half stepped over to the hybrid.

Anyway, I had like some 540GB free space before I put in the new drive. After cloning and while I'm checking things a few days later I look and it says I have 764GB free space. What happened?

Is this a science thing? Did I make a mistake? All my partitions are working and nothing I had before is missing to the best of my knowledge.
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  1. What size are the two drives?
    What software did you use?
  2. the sizes are the same, both 1 TB. I cloned the hard drives with Macrium Free Reflect software. Everything was completely successful, and I made sure to copy every portion of the original data. Yes, 3 partitions all transferred.
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