What is the best cpu and gpu as of right now?

Hello everyone i want to ask what is the best cpu and gpu that are released right now? Is the titan x the best gpu also?
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  1. TitanX/980 Ti and Intel Core i7 5960X
  2. or Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 for servers
  3. Titan Z is slightly more powerful since it's a dual GPU card basically, but titan x has stronger single performance. However GTX 980Ti is the best when it comes to price <-> performance. The CPU would most likely be the i7-5960X.
  4. cpu: Dell Xeon E5-4657L v2 2.40 GHz Twelve Core for the low price of $13,000 :D
    GPU: gtx titan x FOR ONLY $1,000 :D
  5. The titanx is the best gpu out right now, but the 980ti is basicly the sam just cheaper. The best consumer cpu is the 6700k, the enthusiast one is the i7 5960x and the best server/workstation one is and e5 xeon
  6. Guys, which is better? 6700k vs 5960x? Is it the 6700k?
  7. Depends on what you are doing. For 95% of the users the 6700k is better.
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    The 5960x is way better for really heavy work loads utilizing a lot of cores, for things like games that use less cores the 6700k is better
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