Gaming with High FPS and stuttering

Hello guys. First of all, yes i checked some threads here already. None was able to help me. So here i go. I have built a new pc some weeks ago. Everything is running great, except for two things i noticed already. First with COD Advanced Warfare, now with GTA V. Taking GTA as an example. I was able to run the game great at high/very high settings. And altough i was getting always more then 80 FPS (even on the gta benchmark), sometimes i get random 20/30 half a second fps drop. Causing the stutter.
Since its obviously not about settings higher then they should problem. Do you guys have any idea of what this might be? Its getting kinda frustrating. Also checked temperatures of both cpu and gpu and it was fine. Cpu arround 40º/50º under load. Gpu arround 50/60. Any help please? Thank you.

Current rig:

Intel i5-6600k (@stock)
Asus turbo GTX 960 (@stock)
8gb ram 3200mhz
Msi z170-a Pro Gaming
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  1. What kind of monitor are you using?
  2. Geekwad said:
    What kind of monitor are you using?

    I have a Benq LED 60Hz, and running the game at 1600x900! Im really getting desperate, and mainly upset because of a possible faulty component :( Could it be some bad settings? I also had xmp enabled and that caused me trouble in the past. Ill try to turn it off and see how the game runs.
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    With a 60Hz monitor, the most you can display is 60fps. Try setting frames max at 59 or 60 with v-sync.
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