I want to build a PC for designing software plz suggest me components that I should buy

Hello guys,

I want to built a new PC for running latest versions of designing software

I have selected the processor (Intel i3 6100).

I am confused about the motherboard and amount of RAM i should buy.

I m also interested in playing games so suggest me which motherboard should i buy...

Thanking in advance for help......
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  1. 1) You don't list the types of DESIGN software you want to run so that makes helping problematic.

    2) DDR4 memory - unless you're video editing or doing something similar than 8GB should be plenty, but I'd suggest 16GB (2x8GB) but again I still don't know your overall plan

    3) Motherboard - see pcpartpicker. any compatible for that socket such as Z170

    4) Games - for this you just need to decide on the video card though note:

    a) GTX950 or better probably a good choice as a MINIMUM

    b) recommend a QUAD-CORE CPU if you plan to play games such as an i5-6600

    Again, you can use pcpartpicker to help and it can block non-compatible items. I'll put together an example after I post this.
  2. Example:

    Your BUDGET is also important. In general, we need to know what DESIGN software you use to determine what combination of components would best serve you, specifically:
    a) CPU
    b) GPU
    c) Memory

    An i3-6100 isn't a bad CPU depending on your use case. For example, if your software isn't that demanding and you have a tight budget overall (so the money is better spent on a more powerful GPU for gaming).
  3. I would like to run designing softwares like Ansys, Solidworks, Catia, Solid Edge..etc
    My budget is 25,000/- (Rs.)(INR)
    Including processor
    And i want to run games on integrated graphics of processor i.e. Intel HD 530
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