I'm having problems with installations and corrupted or lost files. Please help!

Greetings. A day ago my laptop froze because I launched PowerISO with a not fully downloaded file. Anyway, I shut the laptop using the Power button.

When I turned it on again... it kept making some weird continuous beep sound which it already had made before. But the sound kept going to the point where it asked me to launch startup repair or launch windows normally, so I launched it normally and the sound kept going and windows didn't load up. Then I shut it down again and ran windows repair. And it worked.

BUT, all folders were deleted on the desktop(and some shortcuts), and some apps(or games) were uninstalled.

P.S: I had a problem long time ago when I was installing windows where the capacity of the drive "D" was at "C", and vice versa. So from then I installed everything on my D drive, but some apps(or games) can't be installed on "D", like MC. So I just installed it on C which has a capacity of 30 GBs.

Anyway, whenever I try to reinstall some of my lost apps and games, the installation says: "Cannot find the file specified. C/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile/appdata/(sometimes "Temp" and sometimes it is just the game directory file name)/ and then some other letters that change depending on what app or game I am installing". Also, I can't access "appdata" when I type "%appdata%". When I go to appdata through windows>system32>config>systemprofile, I only find 3 files, which are: Local, Local Low, and Roaming. and they have a few files there. However, when I install MC, the .minecraft file is not found, although the installation goes normally, and when I install it and do "Launch MC" it still doesn't launch. I also can't find the file "Temp" anywhere, but when I press right click>New>Folder and name it Temp a popup message appears saying that there is another folder named Temp, although I cannot see it, when I do replace it, it disappears, too. And yes, I have the "Show hidden folders" option on.

When I go to C:\Users\"My computer name"\Desktop I find my deleted desktop folders and shortcuts. Even weirder, when I go to Start>"My computer name">Desktop I find only 4 files that I have on my current desktop.

All I need to know is how to solve that installation, and three different desktops issue.

Sorry if this has gone exceedingly long, but I really need help.

P.S: I am running windows 7.
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  1. Hi 0Gemini0,

    Nasty issue, especially when we don't understand it :)

    From the description, the chances are that there is hardware problem with your storage drive.
    I would try to scan it for issues (go to your drives in My computer/Computer > right click on respective c/d drive > Properties > Tools > Error Checking/Disk Check.

    Thou' the beeps you get during start-up should indicate more of h/w issue; you get them on every power-on?
    Cannot completely rule out possible s/w issue - maybe a virus? any strange behaviour besides files missing?

    If this doesn't point anything, maybe there's problem with your motherboard (does it hit up? any sign/clue).

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    Seems like your profile was not loaded. Shutting down with the power button can cause hard drive and file system issues like what you are seeing. The repair may have generated a new profile name, by the fact that you can see your files on the drive itself but not on your account desktop or my documents, that shows that pretty well.

    Since you have so many other issues, I suggest just doing a clean Windows setup after backing up your files, or just using a new hard drive.
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