PC keeps crashing with BSOD (different reason listed everytime) or just restarts

I'm getting sick of it by now. This entire day I've been trying to fix this but I just dont know what to do.

I've reinstalled my entire PC, wiped it completely clean and it was good for maybe a week. Then the problems came back.

I start my PC, and it runs fine at first sight, but then I play a game/go on the internet and my PC will just restart itself without any reason. Or I will get a BSOD with a different reason everytime.

Updated to W10 to see if it was fixed but it didnt. Just now I got the error KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. And its a different one almost every single time. Could it be the power source that causes the random restarts?

I've installed a BSOD screening software to see what was the cause but I dont get any wiser from it. I can give you the reports if needed.

Sometimes it'll say Windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown. Im getting the error code 1043 in that screen.

Sorry if it is a messy post, just really frustrated that I wasted 7/8 hours trying to fix it and Im still at square one.

Thanks in advance
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  1. copy your memory dumps from c:\windows\minidump directory to a server like microsoft onedrive, share the files and post a link.

    I can take a quick look in the windows debugger and see why windows shut down.
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