Need a motherboard to match cpu

This is the CPU i'm getting. It's supposedly 6th generation so i've been having hard time find a reasonably priced motherboard to match the cpu, while not limiting myself too seriously on components.

Any recommendations on boards? I currently have a gtx 970 to put into it as well and i believe i still have ddr3 ram. i also purchased a mid-sized tower, so hopefully it will fit in the case.

as for cooling, i'm certain i'll need to upgrade with these new parts so as a bonus, if you could recommend cooling ideas, that would hep.

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    Well, i dont know your budget but here is the motherboard what i am using and it's a good board. And your ddr3 ram wont work in lga 1151 motherboards. As for cooling the CPU the CM Hyper 212 Evo is a good choice if you dont want to spend much money on it. For the case just you should put 2 fans in the front and 1 in the back. And if you want you can add more case fans.
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