please help! built pc set it up and now wont boot.

i just built my pc got it to boot started it up got windows and all drivers and a few programs on it then had to restart it and now it wont boot i have rechecked all the connections and had it up and running i am out of ideas and stressing could really use some help.

here is my part list -
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  1. try going through this:
    Computer unable to boot-Troubleshooting guides!
    We can't prevent problems as we power on-off for abut 200 times we may incur problems from booting.. problems included are stuck in POST... forever Splash Screen and BSOD issues..At first if we are turning on our computer we can't see the POST (power-on... Read More
  2. still nothing i got all the fans to spin but the back one after about 30 seconds it crashes and retrys.
  3. okay, try removing everything but the power cable, and the display cable, and then boot
    also, try booting with only the boot drive plugged in (make sure it's in port 0 on your motherboard)
  4. it keeps trying to boot the power supply spins up along with all the fans except the back one which trys to start spinning but rocks back and forth.
  5. the graphics card starts up as well and i got the back fan to spin up once but never booted just crashed. i think it may be the cpu but don't know a way of checking it or what might fix it.
  6. okay, remove that fan and try booting
    also, try using a different psu
  7. still the same result if i had to guess its the cpu or the cooler any troubleshooting ideas for that?
  8. and now i dont even get a beep when it crashes.
  9. simple, boot with a different cpu or cpu cooler
    but, those rarely die,
    maybe it's the socket that you're using? or maybe the power strip?
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