On-Screen-Display that show Average FPS

I need software that show on-screen-display Average FPS because my fps keeps jumping.

Tried MSI Afterburner, and it got FPS,but no Average,
Tried NZXT Cam, but need to have internet to login to be useful, so I uninstall because
I only have internet at certain time.

Please suggest me a good software that show average fps,(of course, with fps,gpu temp,cpu temp, etc2) accurately.

p/s: I'm using MSI R9 390.

Thank you.
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    What good is your average FPS while ingame?
    If the FPS starts to actually slow, you'd still see the average number and think that it's fine, when it's not.
    Average is only good for a benchmark rating, where you can't show/repeat an action that dips the FPS.

    Fraps can calculate an average FPS for you if you use it's benchmarking mode, but it won't display it, just a make a log of it.
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