Where does my stuff go when migrating?

Alright so I got a Samsung 850 Evo and used samsungs program to migrate all my stuff over to the new ssd. My question is I guess is there still all that stuff on my old hard drive or does it truly move everything from the old hd. In other words will my old hd have all free space so I can use it to build a second pic? Thanks for any answers.
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  1. It COPIES all the stuff to the new HDD, it's not deleting anything from the old.
    So yes, after you copy your old HDD, you can delete old stuff(format it) and use it as normal.
    But first, check that your new HDD(samsung) boots properly.
  2. Hey there, omnirowdy! Happy new year!!! :)

    Everything should still be left on the HDD as well. This is a cloning process which means that the software creates an identical copy of the source drive's information (the HDD) on the target drive (the SSD). If you want to use the hard drive for secondary storage, you can repartition and reformat the it as you see fit and that's it. Note that you should make sure that the migration was successful (make sure that you can boot to Windows properly via the SSD and that all of your data is intact) before you reformat the HDD.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Alright so my old hd still has Windows on it technically? Because I have decided to just build a whole new pic and the only thing I am using from the old rig is the new ssd I just bought and now I want to wipe that even though I just migrated everything to it. So how would I go about wiping the ssd I just migrated everything to?
  4. You want to format the SSD ? Boot from other HDD and format(quick!!).
    Somewhat cant get what you want to wipe, the info from the old hdd or the ssd.
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    Note that there's a great possibility that you might not be able to boot to Windows. You've migrated the OS from another system to a drive which you want to use with a computer with completely different hardware. Basically this is possible if the motherboards are the same or pretty similar models, but more often than not - this wouldn't work.
    As for formatting the SSD, just do as @misteriosly has suggested, but boot to Windows with your old computer and have your SSD connected to it as well and format it. Also make sure that you follow his note on the "quick format". You should never use full format on an SSD and while we're at it, never use defragmentation as well. Those processes can greatly reduce the SSD's lifespan.

    The bottom line is this - it's best that you go with a fresh install of Windows on your new computer with the SSD.

    Cheers! Let us know if you have any other questions. :)
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