Need help configuring my new ssd and hdd setup please!

Hi everyone,

I recently received a Samsung 850 Evo 256GB SSD as a gift, and I wanted to use it as my OS (Windows 10) drive, as well as throwing the current game I'm playing on it and so on. I have a 1TB WD Blue that I have been using before that.

Right now, I've done a fresh install of windows 10 onto the SSD, and it's now running as my C drive, and I've got my 1 TB drive formatted, with my PC recognising it as my D drive. I cloned the drive before formatting it onto an external hard drive.

This is where I become stuck and a little confused. Firstly, could someone run me through the steps to put my cloned drive back onto my D drive, and then ensure my D drive is bootable?

I'd also like to know what files from that drive are only for the OS and whether/how they can be deleted.

If this post seems vague and missing of critical information, I apologise as I'm a complete novice, but I wanted to do this myself and learn as opposed to spending $100 and getting someone else to do it for me.

If it means anything I have the 2016 version of Acronis also installed on my C drive.

Thanks to anyone who can lend a helping hand!
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    Let me ask a stupid question first. Why in the world would you like OS on HDD instead of much faster SSD ? Anything wrong with it ?
    If you insist on that, you should make a rescue/BOOT disk with Acronis, BOOT from it and tell it which backup to restore to which disk. Hope you backed up whole disk, with all the partitions or you will not be able to boot from it.
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