Will a 450w PSU run a gtx 660ti with molex to 6 pin?

Im building my friend a computer out of scrap. Mainly my old parts,
parts list:

I5 4590 @ 3,3 Ghz (stockcooler)
Asus z97-A
6gb DDR 3 2 sticks (1 of 4 and 1 of 2)
1TB Seagate (Brandnew)
3 corsair stock fans
Corsair Spec-01

So im planning to buy this gtx 660ti, but my PSU only has 2 molex cabels. The cabels i would need to buy are 2 molex to 6-pin and one 6-pin to 2x 6-pin. Will this work or would i have to buy a new PSU for him?
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    If the PSU says it can supply 450W but does not have a 6pin PCIe (graphics card) cable, I'd be very suspicious of it's ability to run that system with a GTX 660Ti. IMO, your idea with cables daisy chained like that just seems unsafe on the whole.
  2. You are better off with a new psu, if it messed up it can fry his system = more loss than how much you saved.
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