I got toshiba core i3. 1.7 processor 4gb ram 500 gb hard drive. Plz tell me gta 5 play on my laptop. I m 18 years old

I got toshiba laptop core i3 4th generation. 4gb ram 1.7 processor. 500 gb hard drive. Plz tell me my laptop support gta 5
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More about toshiba core processor 4gb ram 500 hard drive plz gta play laptop years
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    If there's no GPU, then nope. Even if you could, it would be an absolutely terrible expereince.

    BTW...You don't need to post your age.
  2. Not with that laptop unfortunately.
  3. Im guessing English wasn't your first language. But yeah there is no way you could play GTA V. If you did I recon it would be at 2 FPS on lowest settings
  4. This might help you out:
    by the looks of it, your laptop would be getting fps in the single digits like somebody said before so if i were you i wouldn't waste my money on the game. If you upgrade to something with similar or better specs than the laptop in the video then you should be able to get a decent experience at console settings.
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