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Hi all,

I have a question!

I have a partition on the hd of my laptop (running windows 7) and I want it to automatically "sync" with an external hard drive that is always present and to my desktop over the wireless network. So basically I want any changes made on that partition to be automatically send to the external, and to a folder on my desktop over a network, in real time.

Any ideas!? It's basically a fancy backup :) I haven't even looked at anything yet, but I'm thinking maybe a "standard" backup but selecting a network drive and some kind of RAID for the external?

The reason is...they are company files that need the capability of being edited on the laptop away from home and on the desktop (or both) when at home. Then all neatly backed up on the external should anything go amiss.

Thanks in advnce!
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    You could try DSYNCHRONIZE -- about half way down the page.

    I think if you just google "real time sync" you will see a number of options.
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