PC doesn't boot first time, have to turn it off then on for it to boot.

My build is:
i5 4690k
Asus hero 6
16gb (4x4) kingston
evga 650w
128gb crucial ssd/500gb HDD
780 reference
cm212 evo

So when I first boot my pc, nothing happens. Screen just stays black. I have to turn it off in the back (psu) then turn it back on for it to work. Been using it like this for like 2 months. Haven't really found any useful information or anyone with this exact problem.
Only thing I've tried is to turn the PSU off/on eco mode but still have same proble.
Any help will be great! Thanks everyone!
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  1. Difficult to fully diagnose, but a couple of options:
    1. Try to boot with just the integrated graphics (remove your GPU) and see what happens.

    If there's no change at that point, I'd be inclined to look at the PSU. Which EVGA model do you have specifically? If it's a B2, G2, GS or P2 model you shouldn't expect that problem (as those are better quality. It's still possible you have a defective unit though, it happens). If it's the NEX line from EVGA, I'm honestly not surprised at all.
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    Power supply or BIOS

    The board will have a dual BIOS and if the first one is not working it can produce symptoms like this .
    Update to the latest BIOS , even if you have the latest copy already . Follow the instructions exactly .

    If that does not work then it is almost certainly the power supply
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