GTX 570 dying?

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting so I hope this is going on the right spot. Anyways, I have owned this GTX 570 for about 2 years now. Until recently I have been getting problems that when I would play Dirt Rally it would crash to a teal screen but have the audio still play. I would check my temps and everything is doing well around 60C while playing the game. Now the crazy thing is, I ran benchmark using Futuremark before posting this and my GPU could handle that perfectly. But when I start up a video game it crashes. I couldn't find nothing online about this, so i decided to post it here! Hopefully someone will be able to help me, thanks!
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    update the driver

    uninstalling all the old drivers first if you have to

    If that doesnt work it may be hardware , but usually you would expect broken images rather than a single color screen
  2. I just updated the drivers today fully to the newest ones from Nvidia. I'm just worried that it could be hardware. My normal idle temps are 40-50c and now it just started getting problems.
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