Games crash ever since I installed a gtx750ti

So just today I got an Asus 2gb OC edition NVidia GTX 750ti, I installed the drivers and I played around with some games, then I opened up Skyrim and I heard the sound that you'd hear when you'd disconnect a USB stick or a mouse, and my entire game crashed, it happened again on Minecraft. I have an Amd a10 7700k apu, and I was using the Graphics on that, then I installed the graphics card (I am using the VGA port in the graphics card and not the one for the APU.)
Does anyone know how to solve this?
Thanks in Advance
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  1. Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed?
  2. There's one driver the "GeForce Game Ready" driver that I've been trying to download for hours, but to no avail, I either get the error message "Can't connect to NVidia" or it looks like it's downloading but it goes "downloading 0kbs out of 0kbs" and I could leave it like that for hours but it wouldn't download.

    EDIT: I'm after installing the latest graphics drivers from NVidia's Website and Skyrim's still crashing
  3. It only crashes with certain games? Did you do a clean install of the drivers and reboot the computer?
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