Can't add new DDR3 memory on Windows 7 64-bit - system freezes

Hi there, I have an Intel Core i3 530, a Gigabyte P55-UD3L motherboard and I used to run Windows 7 32-bit. My RAM is 2x2GB Kingmax FLFE85F-C8KL9 (1333 MHz, CL9).

I decided to get 2x4GB Kingmax FLFF65F-D8KM9 (1333 MHz, CL9). I thought that there were very few differences (size mostly) and they will fit nicely. Inserted them into the free slots and the system recognized 12GB, but only 3.5 GB usable, which I understand it's a very common problem on 32-bit systems. As there was no common solution to this, I decided to install Windows 7 64-bit. Since then, the system always freezes on "starting Windows" whenever I try to add the new RAM sticks. It works perfectly with the old ones. It doesn't work when I try to use them together or start only with the new ones (freezes all the time).

I updated the BIOS to latest version (FI), changed some voltage settings, tried just about every solution I found on the internet. Can't get them to work. The only thing I couldn't do was to try another power supply (it would mean to buy a new one and it's probably not worth it). Any ideas? Thank you.
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  1. My guess is the newer DRAM is just that, newer, and made with high density memory chips which aren't compatible with the older P55 mobo. With those I normally recommend the GSkill NT series or their original Ripjaws (not the X or Z lines) the NT and RJs use the older low density chips
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