will this cpu (ram + gpu) be able to run games like minecraft at 60fps?

Well, I am currently building a pc and I am wishing to know the fps that I will get when running games such as Minecraft. Here are the specifications:
I7 4790k quad core 4ghz CPU (will overclock);
16gb ddr3 hyper x fury RAM;
R9 380 4gb GPU;
hyper 212 CPU cooler;
120gb SSD drive;
1TB HDD drive.
Please ask me for any other specifications, though I think those are all the necessary details.
This is my first post, so if my thread contains inappropriate content (or is in the wrong category), please inform me.
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  1. any1 able to help?
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    That part list, especially overclocked, could probably muster 100-120fps on high settings modded. A bit overkill actually.
  3. thank you!
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