Motherboard supports 3000mhz and cpu 2400mhz. XMP profiler set to 3000mhz and computer fails to boot for ram error


I have a i7 6700k cpu and a asrock z170 extreme 4 mobo. I am trying to achieve my maximum ram frequency of 3000mhz. The mobo is capable of running this frequency but the cpu max is 2400mhz.

To try and run these settings I have just adjusted the XMP to 3000mhz, starts but will crash occasionly and sometimes fail to boot with memory error.

Is there a way i can run this frequency?

Do I need to OC the cpu to make this stable?

Appreciate any help.
Thank you
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    Yes, while some 6700K CPUs can carry 3000 sticks at stock settings, many need a slight CPU OC to run at 3000 and up - might try simply setting the multiplier to 38 or 39 then try XMP
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