I need help picking between the cooler master v8 gts and the deepcool captain 120 for a cpu cooler

I have a amd fx-8350 and plan on overclocking it to 4.8 Ghz. For this I need a better cooler than the stock. I have a red theme in my computer so I narrowed it down to the deepcool captain 120 and the cooler master v8 gts as my two options. I don't plan on spending any more money than that so if you could give me some help I would appreciate it thanks!
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  2. So you think that an overclock like this should be liquid cooled or is that just an outstanding cooler?
  3. no if your going anything high than 4.5ghz you shoud liquid cool it :).

    And corsair makes the best Water coolers. thats why i reccomend the H100i GTX :).

    ANd since you wanted red theme, i linked you red led fans, So you dont put the ones that come with the cooler, instead put the red led fans, and you done, Great cooling with a Great red look :)
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