PCIe screw doesn't hold the card in place

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm stupid or not, but I can't seem to figure out how to screw my Sound Blaster Z in. The screw fits in the hold nice and tight but the card just falls down because the card's hole isn't enclosed. Could anyone help me out please? I'm kinda desperate, I've been trying to google this issue but I haven't really found anything, I'm probably just missing something extremely obvious. Thanks for any help.

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    Push the card so it's solid in the connector, then screw it to the case. It should be fine.
  2. Yeah it was the screw's fault, I'm dumb. Tried to use some other screw I found and it worked, though it was difficult to squeeze it through, but it will do. Thanks.
  3. A case screw for holding the cards is usually the same the holds the case sides on. Wether thumb screws or regular screws they are the same size.

    Hard drive, and motherboard screws are smaller sizes. The odd case comes preloaded with a custom screw size and you have to use those. Some cases come with motherboard screws that have a hex head like the ones that hold the sides on but they are smaller so you can be fooled.

    If you ever need a screw to hold a card in fast just steel one from the back of the case. If they are thumbscrews holding the sides on steel one of the 4 screws on the back of the case holding the power supply in. Those are all the same size.
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