memory running at 2 different voltages, looking to under volt the higher one, but cannot do it in the bios.

I bought ram but I noticed with cpuz my two ram sticks are running at different voltages. I had 4 gigs with my laptop running at 1600mhz and 1.35 v so I bought another 4 gigs ram stick recently the guy asked if it's standard or under volt, I didn't know what standard or under volt ram was but I told him my ram is running at 1.35 v so he gave me my stick and said it should work. I noticed that the new ram is running at 1.50 v, I tried to under volt it but my bios doesn't allow me to, is their software that can do it? I have amd overdrive but I can only see it doing that for the cpu. Is it fine running at two different voltages? by the way I'm using a lenovo z50 amd A10-7300 laptop
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    Both should be running at the same voltage - look in the BIOS at DRAM voltage to see what they are at, and yes, most laptops have a locked BIOS so you can't make adjustments - you are prob seeing different voltages in the specs per CPU-Z (i.e. looking at the SPD tab which is simply specs) the memory tab shows the freq and timings they are running at
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