Sound only coming out of left speaker and not the right speaker

Hello, this morning my sound was working fine on both speakers. When i tried changing the volume by turning the volume knob, it would make a loud screeching sound and then my right speaker would not play audio. I know that its not my speakers because i plugged my speakers into my iphone and both speakers worked fine. I think it might be my sound card. My sound card is the sound blaster recon3d. My speakers are the logitech z623. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my sound drivers but that did not work. I also tried moving the wire around but it still only plays from the left speaker. Anyone know why this is happening? Thank you!

ps: there is no more screeching sound when i turn the volume knob.
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  1. turn everything off and rotate your volume dial back and forth rapidly.if its controlled by a rheostat it could be some crap on it.this usually cleans it off.this is only applicable if you have a manual volume knob on your speaker.if you are using the volume control on the computer i have nothing.
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