Is running a MSI GTX 750 TI on 250w PSU safe?

Hey all, I finally got my GPU working, but I'm concerned about my PSU.
Tested a few games and they run great, I played Crysis 2 on Ultra settings, NFS The Run on High, Assassination's Creed Brotherhood on High, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.

After some gaming I shutdown my PC to check some things and the GPU (I guess) fans were spinning really loud, but stop. I restarted again and the fans were spinning at their normal rate. Is that normal?

The only other thing in my PC that draws good power that I know of is an Athlon 64 x2 4800+ and it has a 65 TDP.

The 750ti was a TDP of 60 and I'm running on this on a prebuilt HP PC from 2008. I can't really upgrade my PSU right now so am I fine with running this card for now? I can't afford to damage my system.

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. bump?
  2. post your psu specs?
  3. You are looking at @ 100w for the pc, @~100w for a cpu and @~60w for the gpu. That'll put you well over the limits of any 250w OEM psu. Granted, you'll not be running flat out maximums, so you could expect a lower power OEM system to be running with a 750ti anywhere from @150w to @220w. This will still tax an OEM psu greatly, so expect heat to be an issue under gaming loads which means the psu fan will be going nuts. Rebooting does allow the psu to cool off some, so the fan will go back to more normal speeds until you ask for high load usage with gaming again, Windows, videos etc use very little gpu power comparatively. As long as you don't demand high load usage, the psu should be ok until replaced with a @400w unit, so just keep the game settings to minimums until then. But do try to replace the psu asap.
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