Formatted a Corrupted External Hard Disk is Data Recovery still possible or is it overwritten?

Hi, This is my first thread Ever on any forums.
I was really Tired of trying to Recover Data from my 1 TB external Hard disk as most software took too long (estimated 1400 hours) or so.
As per my friends suggestion i decided to Format the Drive and then try Recovering Data.
I just want to recover my pics around 3-5GB , now im using Stellar photo Recovery .
I just wanna know if the data can still be recovered or the hard disk is now overwritten (cause of Corrupt + formatting maybe?)
just wanna know if its overwritten yet or not Thanks
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    Don't write anything else to the drive. You can try some free data recovery software like the free version of Recuva, but many people have better luck with R-Studio. With R-Studio you can download and try it to see if it is working for you before purchase.

    Since it is an external drive, it could be a corrupted drive due to a disconnection during a drive write, happens all the time with USB drives -- so never trust them as a sole source of backup for important data. It could also be a problem with the drive enclosure, or with the drive itself.
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