Which joystick should I buy for gaming on PC, Xbox 360's or Xbox One's?

Well, I just need you to tell me which is the best option. They both look just the same, but Xbox One's joystick seems to be more expensive. Is there any difference? Will Xbox 360's loose compatibility with future PC games? Is it really worth to pay more for an Xbox One's joystick?
I'm now running Windows 10 on my computer so I shouldn't have any drivers problem.

Merry christmas for all and have a happy new year too!

I'm sorry if my english is not so good. Hope you can understand it
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  1. I would say which one you like more. I don't know if every game supporting the X-Box 360 gamepad would automatically supporting X-Box One gamepad with emulating it. If not, then you could get problems with newer gamepad on some games. Also the old gamepad should be cheaper and enough for most games.
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