Process 4 installing win 7 on ssd in HP Z210 business desktop

I bought a Z210 re-furb workstation last month with one sata hd. This came with no install or recovery disks. I want to install a fresh copy of windows 7 pro 64 bit on a new Samsung EVO pro ssd.

I have my own Windows 7 64 bit product disk acquired separately from the z210.

My plan was to
1: disconnect the existing hard drive sata connection
2. connect the ssd to the sata0 connection
3. change th boot order in the bios to read from the cd first
4. boot the z210 & do the windows install.
5. once windows 7 is installed & all the updates applied reconnect the original hd to sata1 & boot agin.

I'm thinking that the ssd would be viewed as the "c" drive & the original hd would be the "d" drive.

Any issues with doing this?

I was going to try to migrate the os using the software that came with the samsung ssd. However, I read where the ssd had to be as big as the "c" drive partiion on the original hd. I was going to shrink the hd partition using control panel however, control panel said I could only shrink it to 900 gb (probably due to a hidden unmovable file).

I felt it would be safer to just do a clean install with a separate windows disk. I only installed a couple of programs on the hd so it wouldn’t be a problem reinstalling them.
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  1. Sounds like a good plan to me.
  2. There's probably hidden partitions on the HDD for performing system diagnostics or for a factory restore (i.e. to reinstall Windows 7 with all of the bloatware).
  3. I just installed windows on the ssd
    I reconnected the hd & can see the files on it
    I can't connect to my home network and the internet.I have to find the network drivers on the hd.

    Also, I saw the recover partition on the hd when I connected it.

    UPDATE: I just installed my graphics drives and network drivers and everything looks good.
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