Portable Sony HDD head moving back and forth. Not getting detected!

Dear guys,

Hope this query finds you well. I am facing reading issues with my Sony HD-E1 1TB External HDD recently. It's been almost a month since it's not working (clicking sound comes from it when connected) and I`ve come cross a YouTube video that explained why clicking sound comes from HDD and how to fix it. It said that the head must have been stuck in the middle of the reading surface and couldn't park itself safe in its docking place after reading the data. So I decided to open the HDD today hoping to fix the issue. When I opened the case I noticed it's a Toshiba drive and I opened the top cover expecting to see the stuck head BUT... the head was parked safely in it's place and I didn't know what to do... So I grew curious to see how the head moves when switched on.. I connected it and witnessed the head moving across the reading space back and forth with clicking and some weird noises.. Huh, well that sight pushed my hopes way below.. I`ve uploaded the video of the head moving with sound as well. If any of you guys could lemme know what should I do next, I`ll be grateful. Thank you guys in advance and wishing you a very Happy Christmas and cheerful New year! :)

PS: Things I`ve tried : 1) Connected in different USB ports (USB 3.0 & 2.0) both front panel and back panel ports. 2) Tried in different versions of Windows and in Linux too. 3) Tried in Desktops, Laptops and even in my HD TV :/

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  1. Opening your drive was probably a bad idea. Not only does it void your warranty, but hard drives are susceptable to dust and dirt. Even a small spec of dust can cause problems. That's why drives are made in clean rooms.
  2. Thanks for the reply Hawkeye22. Well, It's been ages since my warranty ran over (it's been nearly 5yrs after purchase) and I had all my lectures saved in this drive (yes I am a professor) and without this drive I need to recreate my lesson plans daily. So, I was desperate to recover the data one way or another. I checked with a local store regarding data recovery and the price they quote is way beyond my affordability. I rather create my lessons again than paying a month's salary of mine. So, there's no way I can make this drive work again?
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    It's highly doubtful this drive will work properly again.
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