Intel i7 4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor Average Temp?

My average temp is 39-41 idle and up to 55 gaming, I live in florida as well(I don't know is that affects it)
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    that i7 doesn't like the state of florida so it likes to run hotter in florida, as well as new mexico, north carolina and alabama

    But on a serious note, what cooler are you using, mine runs much hotter than that when under load, but same idle temps, I have a broken Antec watercooler, so thats why for me, it's not normally on there though
  2. Hi,

    They are fine temperature my friend.
  3. That's kind of normal from what I can tell. A lot of it comes down to luck of the draw as well as your environment. When I first got my 4790K, it was running at 46C idle with the stock cooler. I live in Massachusetts so it fluctuates between summer (46C) and winter (37C) based on the ambient temperature. My friend also bought one around the same time and his runs at 37C in the summer. In your case, you have to consider the temperature of the room in which you have your computer in. If the temperature is relatively warm, a heatsink might not help as much as you would think as it'll only circulate that warm air throughout your case.
  4. I'm in Florida and mine (I have two at the moment) are both less than that for idle. 33 and 35C. Load goes up to the low 60s.
  5. So mine idles at 20C and the load when stock is 35C
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