Setting-Up my SSD! Swapping between Primary Hard Drives

Hi there!
I have just purchased SSD in which I'll be making it my Primary Drive for my PC, currently I have a mechanical Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive as the Primary with windows 7 on it.

To start. I understand that my copy of windows 7 is registered to the motherboard of my computer.
However -

I will be disconnecting my HDD and instead plugging in my new SSD, proceeding to install a NEW copy of Windows 7 along with registering a new license that comes with it. (I will then upgrade the SSD to windows 10)

So here are my questions!

Will this confuse or affect the motherboard upon installing a different primary hard drive?

as in, after I tell the motherboard to Boot off the SSD, will it be confused to where my Western Digital went since it's disconnected from the motherboard and will it also be confused the fact that two licenses of windows 7 are technically registered to it?

After installing the SSD is it still possible for me to turn the machine off disconnect the SSD and re-connect my old HDD to access windows 7 (and my 1TB of files that I'm backing-up) essentially swapping between the primary drives?

I already know that both primary drives cannot and must not be connected to the motherboard at the same time, as long as I'm telling the motherboard (through the bios) what to do will this be fine?

Eventually upon backing-up my main work files, I'll probably be Formatting my HardDrive eventually making it a secondary to the SSD.

This question may have sounded confusing, If you took the time to understand this, Thank You!
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    You're going to clean install your OS on the new drive. No problem
    You will also have to reinstall all your applications.

    Your motherboard won't 'be confused'. Edit the boot order in your BIOS, and it will boot from the new SSD install

    After it all works on the SSD, simply reconnect the old HDD.
    You can still access that data (not applications) on that drive, directly from the new OS on the SSD. The HDD will simply be another drive letter. D or E, probably.
    Copy what you need over to the SSD, and then wipe all the partitions on the old HDD.
    Then use it as needed.
  2. been there done this.
    ya you're on the right track just disconnect the hdd and use the same sata cable connected tot he same port on the motherboard and it will be smooth sailing with out having to touch anything in the bios.
    every genuine copy of windows will throw it's mark into the bios so long as the bios is set to the option where it is open to be programmed/made changes and not locked which will not allow windows to write anything to the bios chip.

    after you get windows installed and even if you do not upgrade to windows 10 immediately you can reconnect your 2tb drive to another sata port with another sata cable however this is where you will have to go into the bios and possibly set the boot order unless your bios does it automatically but your primary drive will be the ssd and in the boot sequence order before the 2tb hdd drive.
    then once you get that set right you can load up and when you want to access the 2tb drive you will need to right click on the hdd icon in my computer and select make this drive mine/readable (i forgot the exact last word for possession) it will require administrator privilege to do this and will find out the encryption method for your old drive to render it accessible.

    however if you install the 2tb hdd onto another sata cable in another sata port this will be done automatically for you when you install windows, but you have to be careful not to select your 2tb hdd for installation or formatting at the windows automatic prompts and manually change it in the menus if need be FYI.
    if windows doesn't render the drive accessible after reinstall follow what i said before and right click on the drive in my computer menu and use administrator to render accessible.

    then you can transfer files fast and easy before formatting the 2tb. all programs will need to be reinstalled as the missing library links won't be on the OS you are booting from.

    also before i forget check the SSD manufacturers website for your ssd's driver and d/l them and have them handy on a disc or usb drive, even the same usb stick you are using to install windows from if there is room, you will just have to browse and set directory pointed to the file manually tho. not all ssds are recognized by windows and you have to sometimes point out the driver for the OS to correctly install the ssd driver or risk the drive disappearing on boot when windows finally does update the ssd driver and f's it up cuz it installed some intel driver that won't work for your ssd instead of the correct manufacturer driver.
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