Is this PSU powerful enough?

Firstly, I'm sorry for being that guy.

On Black Friday, I ordered all the components to my new PC. This is one of my first builds, so I'm awfully excited to build it. I've got the next few days off work, and would love to build my PC. However, my PSU won't be in for at least another week. I've got another PSU from my old build, and I was wondering if it would suffice for my new build.

The parts I have are these;

This here is the PSU in question;

Thank you so much for your help!
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  1. very very bad psu...too bad
    get a evga / xfx /seasonic 500W and up
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    Based off putting what you listed into that calculator and assuming standard for everything else, its Recommending a PSU of at least 355W.

    So yes it would work BUT i would not use that PSU. Dynex is a cheap brand and based off of the model number that thing is old. I wouldnt let that touch any of my new parts. Plus im sure its not rate for Haswell processors anyway.

    I know it can be exciting but I would just wait.
  3. I don't know if this PSU is compatible with what you have but if it is, I think 500W is enough. Moving forward, since you say it's from your old build (don't know how old) I would suggest that you don't use it and just wait for the new one you ordered. The problem with PSUs is that if they don't explode/catch fire or do something to tell you they are done, you can keep using them not knowing they are failing, like it did to me my old one. A PSU after years of use if it's not outright dunzo, it certainly is outputting less power than what it used to when it was brand new. How much you ask, is it enough? You can't know that but let me tell you this, my old failing PSU after 7years of use ended up not having enough power output for my PC even on standby not mentioning stress heavy stuff, so in the end it fried my Mobo... :/
    I am not saying this will happen 100% to you too but it can happen and it has happened to me :)
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